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I've been waiting for money to b returned and credited to my card there a big big problem Add comment

They were rude and told me they were not gonna transfer anymore of my money to my knew Achieve Card no one spoke english I wou never ever subscribe to Achieve again. Add comment

  • Jan 26
  • Banks
  • Auburn, Maine
  • Account Balance
  • 37

I normally get my money on the 26th and today is the 26th and there's nothing.im about to snap cause I'm a disabled mother of twins who are still in diapers. I'm about to call a lawyer cause I can't have money stolen from me by some *** *** company were their people don't speak a lick of English. It's ridiculous I can't even get my direct depositing changed to a new bank cause they are screwing... Read more

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  • Jan 26
  • Credit Cards
  • Nevada City, California
  • Card Reissue
  • 19

I had my card stolen? And I was out of state at that time, I called achvieve and they refuse to send me another card, it was on weekend so , I had no money for gas or food, I was stuck on the side of the road off the freeway scared to death, alone and disabled. By the time I got any help to get home, I had no money left in my account, and no monies retrieved .never can use my points they offered... Read more

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I always get my money on the 25th of the month and today is the 25th it's not on there and I'm mad Add comment

  • Jan 04
  • Credit Cards
  • Leominster, Massachusetts
  • Money Load
  • 244

I used the Achieve pre-paid card for a long time never had a problem loading or even spending all of my money that was on it. While it is true they charge a fee to load money onto it, they're upfront about this when you load it at any Wal-Mart. There is a maintenance fee also( just like every other bank ) about $10 a month. I guess what I'm getting at here is... If your credit is ***, and you... Read more

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Cant spend money on the card. It declines. I ljve pay check to pay check it wont let me spend my last 10 dollars. It wont work at any atms i am getting rid of this as soon as possible Add comment

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