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  • 17 hours ago
  • Credit Cards
  • Grandview, Missouri
  • 21

I do not like Achievecard? First off you do not get your $ two days faster, that's a lie!!! Customer Service isn't ***, can't provide you with any information too be honest do not sign up for Achievecard they suck ***.... Get a Western union or Rush Card, Brinks, they work very fine!!! On Achievecard you can't even use your *** reward points and you have too bid, wtf kind of *** is that I had... Read more

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I lost my card and I paid 29.99 to get it received faster so I can pay my bills. So when I got my card my check wasn't deposited on to my card can someone please help me. Add comment

I have had my achieve card for 2years never had any problems at all. They charge for new cards which I think is bull and the website don't work but every thing else is great. Probably going to switch soon love the blue bird master card Add comment

  • Dec 12
  • Credit Cards
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Credit Card Service
  • 23

my s.s. is directly deposited on this card. EVERY month more money is subtracted from my balance than I SPEND! customer sux and may as well not exist for all the help they dont offer! just went over statement twice charged $120.95 @ gas station for $20.00 gas purchase. the 100. shud have been credited back! The 1.00 fee for pin purchase varies from 1.00 to 4.00! Im so pissed off! I have tried... Read more

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Man I was lied to by Achieve.never got the100for using my job to deposit my money or getnever got payed two days before check day.all was lies Add comment

  • Nov 26
  • Credit Cards
  • Akron, Ohio
  • Prepaid Card
  • 191

I went for this card and like many others skimmed through the terms and conditions, really not' not word 4 word. Didn't realized that it pre paid. I have good enough credit to get credit cards and don't need that. Now the fees of four dollars and ninety five cents for reloading (really?) This is very evasive card. So beware..... I am not saying don't get it , just read it all.I may even be able... Read more

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  • Nov 15
  • Credit Cards
  • Vallejo, California
  • Card
  • 2
  • 2
  • 185

I had my card split into 2 pieces from the atm machine at 7/11. I called achieve gave them all the information they ask me.I did the paperwork to be reimbursed for every thing that was made after the 11/28 I have done the paperwork more than 4 times. They put u on hold for over 1hr they don't return ur phone calls at all. Customer service reps. They lie to u every time I called seemed like I... Read more

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